Recording sessions

It’s been a very hectic 3 months for The Maverick Band!

We’ve been to the Eversfield Studio to record 10 songs! Poor Graham has been kept very busy managing us, producing and editing our songs. Fortunately, Graham is very patient! Phew!

We now have the basic recordings – acoustic guitar and singing. Now we have to build the songs up by adding things like the drums, bass guitar and other instruments or effects that we think will turn the basic song into a song we hope you’ll enjoy listening to.

Paul has played the guitar and been singing.

Today, 18th September, it was John’s turn to sing. John says his convinced that Graham had cotton wool in his ears! We may use either Paul or John’s singing or we may combine the two or even add some more singers.

A couple of weeks ago Luiz came over to record some 7-string guitar work for a new song we are releasing in December called “Pelé – The boy from Brazil”. The song has a Brazilian style rhythm to it, so it seemed very appropriate to use Luiz, as he is a specialist Brazilian guitar player.

We also used Ines for “Pelé – The boy from Brazil” as she can sing in both in English and Portuguese. Our plan is to send the Portuguese version to both Brazil and Portugal and the English version to the rest of the world. Incidentally, Ines recorded her voice remotely in her own studio and sent it down to Graham to edit into the song!

We’re pleased to say we’ve finished “I love coffee culture” – both the song and the video, so they are ‘in the can’ as they say, ready to send out backend of September.

Now we we’re putting the finishing touches to the songs “Christmas is coming” and “A lonely homeless Christmas”. We still have the videos to finalise but they are well on the way! Hurray!

And that will wrap up our launch and 2023!

And for 2024 we have at least nine new songs to launch, with the first one ready for February! More on that one nearer the time!

But here’s a clue… love is in the air.

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