Far Too Long Apart

Coming soon 21/07/2024

About The Song

‘Far Too Long Apart’ is based on a true story. When John Cristal (The Maverick Band’s songwriter) first started going out with Sue, the lady who would one day become his wife, they used to live in separate towns. For about 2 years John would only see Sue at weekends. As John drove home at the end of the weekend, John would listen to the radio and often hear a song by Foreigner called ‘Waiting For Girl Like You’. Like many couples, this song became Sue and John’s song.

Go forward to the present and John felt it was time he wrote a song that captured how he felt when he’d left Sue, at the end of great weekend with her – the raw emotions and thoughts he had and felt during the time they were apart. The song is a cross between pop and rock, using the lead guitar to help give the song an extra dimension. John feels the lead guitar, played by Paul Stenton, has a hint of Carlos Santana – a guitarist John has a lot of admiration for.


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