Moonlight Love Affair

Coming soon 25/06/2024

About The Song

Here’s our Eurovision song entry! Well, it would be, if, we were entering it! Moonlight Love Affair is best described as a Spanglish techno/Latino/pop song with Spanish and English lines alternating through each verse, together with a Spanish chorus! The first line of each verse “Te quiero mi amor” translates as “I love you my darling” and is used as the precursor for the next line which is in English, so, if the first verse was all in English it would read as:  I love you my darling with all my heart and soul, I love you my darling when we go for a stroll.

“I was inspired to write this song at 36,000 feet… while on the plane, flying back from a wonderful holiday with my wife!” adds John Cristal – singer/songwriter for The Maverick Band

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